About us

A Legacy of Dance

"Dancing and operating a dance studio must be in my family's DNA.  My incredibly talented mom, Kathy Moore Wheatley,  has been a dancer/studio owner-operator all of her life. Legacy Studio of Performing Arts will be a legacy, operated with the utmost in dance and performing standards, providing personal attention to our dancers, creating learning, structure, development, and teamwork.

"I feel like my life has truly come full circle, because once again, this will be a family affair... I literally grew up in mother's studio!

"Her studio had an impeccable reputation that drew dancers from dozens of states, while having 'knowing each dance'  as the stable platform.  Loving dance, loving children, loving competition and loving life continues my family's DNA." -Erin

Mother and daugher posing in tap dance attire
Erin, age 2 with her mom, Kathy Wheatley